Week 1 – data management project: database initial study phase

Each week, for your Data Management Project, there will be an assignment creating a deliverable for different components of a database you will design. This week describe the database you plan to design. Your paper should include the elements of the initial study phase as described in module 9 of the textbook as follows:

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the problem a database is supposed to solve (or the reason for the database)
the constraints associated with the database project
the objectives you what to accomplish by designing a database
the scope of your database design project
the boundaries that describe what is and what is not included in your database project.

Paragraphs in your paper must have at least three sentences: beginning, middle, and end. Make sure you cover all five topics listed above. Your paper should be in APA format (which means double-spaced and 12 pt. Times Roman font, with a separate title page) and should be 2 – 3 pages, not counting the title page. Since this is a database you are designing, references are not required, but can be included on a separate reference page.
Submit your assignment in MS Word format.  

Textbook: Module 9 – Database Design
PowerPoint: Module 9 review charts