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Unsolved Mystery Presentation

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Throughout history, there have been many famous mysteries that have been left unsolved. From the death of JonBenet Ramsey to the Zodiac Killer, there are numerous events in our history that have been left open to the imaginations of conspiracy theorists. Your job is to choose an unsolved mystery, research each of the various possible solutions, and evaluate your research to determine the most plausible explanation. You will create a well-researched essay OR a Google Slides presentation that thoroughly analyzes the research evidence for the class. Please follow the requirements below.

This is a big project – procrastinating is a VERY bad idea. You will need to use your class time very wisely.

Research Requirements
Minimum of 3 Academic, CRAAP-approved sources – I will be trusting you to CRAAP-test your sources on your own – you will not be turning in this portion of the assignment
You cannot use Wikipedia, ask.com, or other similar websites as resources

Google Slideshow Requirements
10 slides minimum meeting the following requirements
1 title slide with title of presentation and your name
1 slide presenting an introduction to the mystery and necessary background information
6 slides to present 2 different theories (3 slides per theory). For each of the theories, you must include:
An introduction to what the theory is
Strong research evidence to support the theory
Strong research evidence to refute the theory
1 slide to present your theory. Identify which of the two theories you presented is the most plausible and explain why you think this must be the answer OR present a new, original theory of your own and explain why you think this must be the answer.
1-2 Works Cited slides, accurately formatted according to MLA
8 cited items (sources, photos, etc.) minimum
At least 1 video or audio source (Netflix, YouTube, podcasts, or other audio/video sources)
At least 3 CREDIBLE websites or web articles
At least 4 images related to the topic, with proper citations (not clipart)
All of the actual evidence and research you use MUST appear on the slides, with appropriate lead-ins and citations. You must plan to elaborate on each quote, paraphrase, or summary in the spoken portion of your presentation.
Sample Incomplete JonBenet Presentation

Presentation Requirements
Presentation must be 4-6 minutes long and presented to the class next week.
Slides should serve as an outline of presented information; students must expand and elaborate beyond the information on each slide during their discussion
Students must speak loudly and clearly
Presentation should be well-rehearsed with smooth transitions

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