Think About Solutions and Funding

Assignment #5: Think About Solutions and Funding

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Individual Assignment

20 Points


You are only turning the information in on the grid provided below.

Each student will complete an instructor provided chart that will require students to list of two (2) possible federal grants AND two (2) possible foundation grants that could address the problem identified in their Community Project Part I.  A link to each Request for Proposals should be included.

Additionally, the chart requires each student to provide a thoughtful and concise response to the prompts below.  A response will receive full points if it reflects a full understanding of what is contained in the course materials for this module and previous modules.  Make sure your paragraph is free of grammatical errors.

  1. What is an evidence-based program?  Describe it in your own words.
  2. Think about the challenge you identified in the Community Project Part I.  Identify an evidence-based program that you would use to address the challenge? Provide a link to the evidence-based program.

Finally, each student will include a rough draft of a logic model that reveals the elements of your program.  Use any type of logic model that you choose. Think About Solutions and Funding












Funding Grants
Problem Identified:
Type of Grant Link to Grant Grant Information:

(how much money, for how many years, etc.)

Evidence Based Programs
In your own words write a paragraph explaining what an evidence-based program is.


Evidence Based Program to Address Challenge: Link to Evidence Based Program


Summary of Evidence Based Program


Logic Model
Insert Logic Model here:









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