These days, the construction industry is making the transition from CAD to BIM.


1. These days, the construction industry is making the transition from CAD to BIM. Please describe why our industry is so enthusiastic about implementing BIM, considering unique features of BIM as opposed to 2D CAD drawing practices.
(Word Limit: 500 words)

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2. Suppose you are the head of a construction division at ‘the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority’, and are responsible for managing all on-going construction projects in the district, one of the largest cultural projects in the world.


At the moment, multiple facilities are under construction simultaneously by different contractors. Recently, you are facing many issues as below:

–      As a client, your team needs to monitor construction progress of multiple projects. Contractors report their progress every week via an email. However, as they are using different format of progress data, your team members are spending lots of time to collect all the information manually.

–        The construction procedures vary depending on contractors. To secure the quality of construction projects, you asked contractors to comply with existing government project procedures, but they are complaining that the government project procedure is outdated and doesn’t fit the current on-going projects.

–        A huge amount of the upfront endowment (HK$21.6 billion) was made by the Government of HKSAR for the design and construction of various facilities. However, your team has a difficulty in monitoring expenses for each project. It seems that some of projects are experiencing cost-overrun.

–        As the construction site is on reclaimed land, many unexpected issues during construction are being observed, such as sinkhole, leaks and flooding, which could lead to significant safety accidents.


To solve these issues, you want to implement an IT system for better project management and control. Please suggest one IT system, and the functions required in the system that can be useful to tackle these issues (Provide a justification on why the function would be needed to address specific issues facing this project). Also, suggest two different strategies to adopt the system, and discuss the pros and cons.
(Word Limit: 800 words)

3. BIM has been used for various purposes such as visualization, scheduling, estimating or facility management, etc. In addition, BIM has great potential to improve construction performance, especially by combining it with other new emerging technologies. Please select ONE new technology for extended use of BIM, and investigate the following items:


Background on extended use of BIM
Introduction to the technology
Application areas of the technology for extended use of BIM
Benefits and challenges
Suggestions for better use of BIM etc.
(Word Limit: 1,000 words)

Please note that your answers should be based on lecture notes and what you learned during the class. You could find some information on the questions online, but you may not have good scores if your answers are not relevant to lecture contents. The attached file is the lecture note, pls go through it while completing this order.


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