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theoretical and practical approaches

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For this assignment, you are required to research theoretical and practical approaches to teaching and learning, related to subject pedagogic knowledge and pedagogic practices. This will include observing teaching and learning within your own or related educational setting. You will present your research findings within a fully referenced research report.

Task 1

Research subject pedagogy in own educational specialism or subject.
Analyse teaching, learning and assessment approach relevant to own subject area.
Evaluate teaching, learning and assessment approach potential for pedagogy.

Task 2

Using observation of teaching and learning, critically evaluate the relationship between policy, practice and theory
Examine how enquiry in practice can extend understanding of pedagogy.

Task 3

Use research to apply pedagogic theory and practice in own education setting
Discuss how professional practice has improved through observation, reflection, evaluation, enquiry and collaboration.
Self-evaluate and apply learning to enhance practice.

Submission Requirements

4,500 word processed Research Report.


A comprehensive Harvard style reference list must be included at the end of the work that represents the in-text citations used in reference to the published work. (both in-text citations and Reference list is required)

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