The Role of the Registered Nurse in policy advocacy

The purpose of this Signature Assignment is to explore the role of the Registered Nurse in policy advocacy.

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Directions: Write an 8-10 page paper and include the following:

Identify a nursing organization that you are aligned with in your practice. Describe the mission, vision and values of the organization.
Research and describe how their organizations policy advocacy is organized and supported.
Research and describe a policy initiative currently being supported by this organization. (This should be a significant portion of this paper.)
Synthesize this organization’s position statement or create your own position statement for this initiative.
Describe several ways how RNs can participate in supporting this policy initiative.
Utilizing either the defined process of your identified organization or the AACN Advocacy 101 Toolkit, create the following documents to lobby your representative for your cause.
Cover Letter introducing yourself
Agenda for a meeting with an Elected Official
A letter requesting a meeting with an Elected Official
Talking points and discussion questions for your meeting with and Elected Official.
This is considered scholarly work.  APA formatting is required following the guidelines of the APA 6th edition Manual.


Length: 8-10 pages
Format: APA 6th Edition

role of the Registered Nurse in policy advocacy

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