Texas State Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help – A mixture

Question – A mixture that contains 46 wt% acetone (CH3COCH3), 27% acetic acid (CH3COOH), and 27% acetic
anhydride [(CH3CO) 2O] is distilled at P = 1 atm. The feed enters the distillation column at T = 348 K
at a rate of 15,000 kg/h. The distillate (overhead product) is essentially pure acetone, and the bottoms
product contains 1% of the acetone in the feed. The vapor effluent from the top of the column enters a
condenser at 329 K and emerges as a liquid at 303 K. Half of the condensate is withdrawn as the
overhead product, and the remainder is refluxed back to the column. The liquid leaving the bottom of
the column goes into a steam-heated re-boiler, in which it is partially vaporized. The vapor leaving the
re-boiler is returned to the column a …Read Moret a temperature of 398 K, and the residual liquid, also at 398 K,
constitutes the bottoms product. A flowchart of the process and thermodynamic data for the process
materials follow.
(a) Calculate the molar flow rates and compositions of the product streams.
(b) Calculate the condenser cooling requirement Qc (kJ/h).
(c) Use an overall energy balance to determine the re-boiler heating requirement Qr (kJ/h.
(d) If the re-boiler heat is provided by the condensation of saturated steam at 10 bar gauge, at what
rate must steam befed? …Read Less

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