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Television/Internet Commercial

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Television/Internet Commercial: This is a fun and interesting assignment that addresses personal evaluation and analysis of a television commercial. Go find one of the videos on, where you will find a variety of commercials to choose among. You will also use the libraries resources on the Consumer Affairs Research Guide to support the analysis of your commercial.



The questions below can help guide your analysis, you will not need to use all of them. Pick what fits best for your analysis. Write a minimum of 800 words for this assignment. You must provide a link to your commercial in the comments section when uploading your paper to Beachboard Dropbox. This paper needs to be written using the 7th edition APA format with a title
page and reference page with the reference for the video you watched, the book as you should be connecting terms, and at least one additional resource gained from the library’s site. This is a formal APA paper, which includes an intro, body and conclusion, it is helpful to use headings.
Keep your originality score at 15% or lower.
 What is the commercial about?
 Are the characters credible? Who are they and what is it about the characters that make them credible (or not)? For example, if one of the characters in a commercial is wearing glasses, does that make the character seem more intelligent? Is the character hip or square? Why do you think these elements were introduced?
 Who is the target market? Where would this commercial or advertisement be shown or placed (on what television channels or in what magazines)?
 What persuasive techniques are used? Do they work for you?
 What learning or memory techniques are used? Do they work for you?
 What is the expected consumer behavior? In other words, how are consumers expected to react? What decision making is desired (cognitive, habitual, and/or affective)?
 What cultural influences are anticipated? These might include cultural values, reality engineering, cultural stories, sacred or profane consumption, and/or global cultures.
 How is consumer and social well-being affected? This might include satisfaction, addictive consumption, or consumed consumers (the “dark side” of consumption).
 What perception-related elements take place? Visual, sound, touch, etc. What stages of perception take place?
 What components of “self” occur? This includes fantasy, self-concept, symbolic interaction, personality, brand identification, body image, etc.
 Are attitudes involved? How are they expressed?
 What components of consumer identity are expressed? This includes gender identity, ethnic and racial subculture, religious subculture, and age.
 What components of social class are expressed? This includes income, class, status and social capital, and lifestyle identity.
 What other components are expressed? This might include word-of-mouth communication, opinion leadership, innovation adoption, exclusivity, etc.
 What other observations can you include? What have others said about this commercial?
 Does it work for you? For others? Why or why not? What might you do differently if you were the director or marketing consultant for the product?
 You can conclude by asking fellow students in the class for additional
observations, comments, or questions.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure your commercial is appropriate for a “general” audience. If in
doubt, please do not show the commercial during class and select another commercial.

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