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survey of coworkers

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For this week’s assignment, you should create a Google form.  You can have the form serve any purpose that you’d like – a questionnaire, a survey of coworkers or family, or just create a test form with assorted questions.

Be sure that your form includes the following criteria:

* You need to give your form a title (no “untitled forms” for this assignment!)

* Your form should have at least 10 questions.

* You should include at least 4 different question types (e.g. multiple choice, checkboxes, short answer, etc.)

* You need to actually send the form to some people by using the shareable link.  You could email it to classmates, friends, family, etc.- who you send it to doesn’t matter.  This way, they can complete the form and you can collect some “data” to see how the form results summary works. survey of coworkers

* Share the form with me, making sure that you give me permission to EDIT – that way, I can see the results and verify that you actually sent the link to other people.

Lastly, post the shareable link here in the assignment area.  This assignment is due by

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