Supervisor Evaluation of Counseling Session

Supervisor Evaluation of Counseling Session

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Name of Learner:_________________________ Your Name_________________________
Skills Used?
√ yes Was this Helpful + to the session in general or therapeutic alliance or not – Comments or things that could be done differently. Be as specific as possible.
Showed empathy and positive regard
Non-verbally demonstrated interest and attention to student
Paraphrased content
Reflected feelings
Observed student non-verbals
Attended to diversity and social-cultural factors
Used student’s language
Addressed issue of concern
Used silence
Stayed in the “here and now”; Used immediacy
Avoided closed questions including “Why”
Identified students irrational or faulty beliefs
Provided encouragement and support
Operated from a strengths perspective
Avoided giving advice
Focused on student’s decision making
Summarized session
Write in Other



Supervisor Reflection

Strengths intern demonstrated:

Target Feedback: What Specific feedback do you have for the intern on his or her specified feedback target?

Trying New Behaviors: Did you notice the intern trying to experiment with new responses or utilize new skills? How so and how did it go?

Distractibility: Did you notice the intern appearing distracted at any time and if so how could he or she work on it?

Countertransferrance: Did you notice the intern reacting to the student in a way that may be caused by his or her own life experiences and bias? What suggestions can you offer?

Cultural Competency: What if any cultural issues are there at work in the counseling session? How were they addressed or what suggestions can you offer your intern to bring them to light appropriately?

Areas for growth:

Goals: Feedback for the intern on his or her goals or redo’s and self-analysis:

I have reviewed or sat in on a counseling session and shared this feedback with my intern during supervision.

Site Supervisor Signature and Date ___________________________________________________


Supervisor Evaluation of Counseling Session

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