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You are expected to select a particular topic within the large area of “Strategic Interaction”. The following three components should be part of every paper:

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Context provision: A brief introduction to the particular topic of your choice, its relevance in real-life using examples and its relation to strategic interaction.

Relation to Game Theory: Introduce a simple and relevant game in the context of your topic. Describe it, provide its game-theoretic solution under standard preferences (with egoistic utility), explain the driving forces and intuition and what aspect of real-life it captures. Relate it to the real-life situations that you introduced for addressing component 1.

Selective review: Review the experimental research evidence available on the topic and provide a big picture



1) students will write a formal research paper that is at least 6 full pages not including the Works Cited page. This research paper will use the MLA Style for both formatting and documentation.
2) Include a visual aid such as a picture, graphic, table, chart, etc. in the research paper and give credit to the source of this visual aid. In the six pages this assignment requires, the graphic should take up no more than one-half of one of those pages.
3) The paper needs to have at least 4 outside sources. At least half of the sources you use need to be non-internet.

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