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Visual art

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For your first assignment, you need to write a properly formatted essay about art and your past experiences with the subject. Prompts for your essay are written below (ANSWER BOTH PROMPTS #1 & #2 equally!!) Your essay should be 1-2 pages in length (250-500 words) and properly formatted.  It should include:

Title page with Your Name, Course #, Date and Title
Double spaced, 12 point, 1” margins)
Proper grammar and substantially error-free writing is important and will factor in to the essay grade.
Upload files in either doc, pdf or docx
This essay will be checked for plagiarism. Please familiarize yourself with the college’s Academic Honesty Policy (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. It will be strictly enforced
Note: If you reference the work of an artist, the title needs to be properly formatted. (you must provide the artist’s name and title of the work. Always ITALICIZE title of artwork!! ie Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night).

Essay Prompt Part #1
What has been your exposure to visual art? Has it been primarily from your family? School? Social activities? Personal explorations? Do you make art? If so, what kind? What is the medium you use? What kind of style is it? Look under STYLE in module 1 to get a better idea of what it might be.  Who is your audience? If you haven’t made any art, have you ever wanted to? What kind?

Essay Prompt Part #2
Do you agree with the definition for ‘art’ as it’s explained in module 1? Why or why not? Can you add to the definition? Is your definition coming from a SUBJECTIVE or OBJECTIVE PERSPECTIVE? I am expecting more than one sentence describing your perspective.

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