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Toyota’s organizational

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What changes in the organizing facet of the P-O-L-C framework might you make at Toyota to prevent future mishaps like the massive recalls related to brake and accelerator failures?
Do you think Toyota’s organizational structure and norms are explicitly formalized in rules, or do the norms seem to be more inherent in the culture of the organization?
What are the pros and cons of Toyota’s structure?
What elements of business would you suggest remain the same and what elements might need revising?
What are the most important elements of Toyota’s organizational structure?

Written assignments must have an introduction and a conclusion paragraph. Note that these paragraphs must be separate from the body of the paper in which you answer assigned questions.
The written analysis may be up to 5 pages and no less than three pages in length, excluding exhibits (no limit).
Use a 12 point font and have one inch margins.
Papers must be typed with double spaces.
You absolutely must include a list of references at the end of the paper. Papers without references will be returned ungraded.
You must use at least four references of original content. You must not use  web sites (i.e., that provide “analysis” of cases and industries. Such sites often have incorrect information, and using them will be detrimental to your grade.
Use the APA style. For example references, please refer to the APA style tutorial available at
Please remember to use page numbers and put your name on the first page of each assignment.

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