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The Research Roadmap

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Click on the following links below to read two short articles:

Diet Review: Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

After reading, what is your response to these articles?  What are your thoughts on “fad diets” that trend through our society over time?  Based on what you’ve learned so far in this course, how would you evaluate a diet plan, social media buzz, news stories or articles regarding a new diet trend? What credible resources would you turn to?

Your initial posting must be at least 100 words in length The Research Roadmap


The goal for this assignment is to pick a Surt case and researchupreme Co it. There are several steps that you must complete to receive full credit on the assignment.Step 1: Read through pages 1-6 that and select a case from the list.

Step 2: Once you have selected the case use the research page entitled “The Research Roadmap” (pages 7-9) to collect the needed information.

Log the sources you use to find your info on page 10 Work Cited page

Step 3: Organize you thoughts from your research using the Graphic Organizer on pages 11-12 making sure to answer all the pieces.

Step 4: Turn the Graphic Organizer into an essay on page 13.

Step 5: SAVE your file and submit it on here.

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