Solved: Statement of Goals & Intentions

The Statement of Goals & Intentions for the MPH program must address specific areas. The statement should not exceed three pages, and must be one-sided, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins. MPH applicants should address the following three (3 – 4) areas in the Statement of Goals & Intentions for the program.

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Your specific career goals and how the Master of Public Health program will assist you in fulfilling them.

How your previous academic and/or work experience has prepared you to study in the Master of Public Health program. Please refer to specific courses from your transcript, and/or specific experiences from your Curriculum Vitae.

Although not a requirement for admission, having experience with statistics or data analysis may make your application more competitive. Please include a description of any statistics courses taken, including the course content and the grade attained. If you have conducted any data analyses, please provide an overview of that experience.

If you are applying to a specialization, please include: a description of how the specialization relates to your career goals; a list of any related courses taken (course content and grade attained); as well as any related work or volunteering from your Curriculum Vitae.

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