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schools’ pedagogy

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After you complete your two observations and two interviews, you must reflect upon and write about what you have seen. You must relate it to what you are reading and learning about in this class.  You will need cite your sources using APA style and include a reference list.  You must include at least one citation from the course readings, and you must cite any of the documents or internet sources you used in your research.  You may also cite additional texts.  Citing appropriate texts demonstrates your understanding of the relationship between theory and practice (or how what you read about relates to what goes on in reality).

In your 4-7-page paper, you should compare and contrast the salient aspects of what you observed in each school.  Depending on the focus of your paper, this may include a description of the school buildings, the classrooms, what was used to decorate the school walls (school banners and emblems, slogans and mottos, multicultural images, student art, professional artwork), the demeanor of the students, student-teacher rapport, parent-teacher rapport, the kinds of books in the libraries, the teaching materials and methods used, special services or accommodations provided, etc.  Did anything surprise you?  Did anything impress you?  Did anything challenge your conception of what goes on in schools?

How did the people you interviewed add to your understanding of the schools’ pedagogy, practices, policies, or protocols?  Were they able to help you interpret the things you observed?  Were they open and willing to discuss the topics you mentioned?

In summary, you should discuss how your observations and interviews will inform your future work as an educator and a member of a school community.

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