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rambunctious boy

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Consider the following persona:


Razae is 12 months old and has been placed in foster care since he was four months old. He was prenatally exposed to drugs and was placed in foster care because of domestic violence in the home. Emma and Andrew are the young couple providing care for the first time.

Razae is a very sweet, rambunctious boy who enjoys music and movement. He’s also a great sleeper. Razae has learned how to walk, makes a variety of sounds, and is imitating others’ language consistently. Based on developmental delays in several domains, Razae qualified for and is receiving home-based early intervention services. He was slow to attach to his foster parents and is now bonding through play and enjoying skin to skin contact and other attachment-based activities. These were the areas that were goals in Razae’s Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). He is thriving in this placement. Razae still visits his maternal grandmother and there is talk of placing him with her in the future.

1. How will you support Razae and his family?

After doing the DB reply to two other ppl agree or disagree and why?


A discussion on the state of children’s social, emotional, and moral development during middle childhood.
The Assignment
After reading our course materials, chapter 8, discuss the following:
Why do many children begin to expereince self-doubt and increased concern about peer relationships during middle childhood? What do you think parents and teachers can do to promote children’s self-esteem and peer relationships?

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