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Primary message

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Write a one paragraph theme essay (at least 300 words), about the book ivanhoe.  A theme is the primary message or lesson a book conveys about life or human nature. A theme is expressed in the form of a theme statement, a stand-alone sentence that is unique and insightful. The theme statement is built on motifs that recur in the life of the main character, and in other important characters, details, and particulars of the story. The first sentence of your paragraph will be the thesis statement, which contains the title, author, and theme statement. The middle sentences will prove that your theme statement is the primary lesson or message of the book by defending the motifs you have selected as the most significant ones seen in important characters and details in the book. Include examples from at least two other characters besides the main character. The paragraph’s final sentence should make a closing remark about the book in relation to the theme. Use at least one quote in the essay.

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