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Week 2 Scenario – Ethics – Decision Making
Prof. Blagoev
⦁ You are the President at a growing mid-size general contracting company.
⦁ Reputation and safety are top priority for you. You have also built a good team, and you know the hard work it takes to create one.
⦁ One of your PMs, Jones, has had a stellar career in the past 10 years. He is highly regarded and many at the company, including you, attribute the recent success in part to his ability to deliver difficult projects.
⦁ However, Jones has not been himself lately. You have heard from those who know him that his hard work has led to a rough divorce and may have taken to drinking.
⦁ Today it appears that you have lost a big project due to a mistake that Jones has made. Your team is understandably demoralized. You are worried if Jones’s decisions have impacted safety.
⦁ You do not have a policy that will allow you to do drug testing right away.

Keep your answers in separate bullets.
Review the complete slides for Lecture 1, but particularly slides 16 to 28 and especially 29 and 30. Look briefly at reliable sources for suggestions on how to approach the situation: EAP costs, accommodation vs termination considerations, etc. You can find and refer to additional sources if you are interested.
⦁ If an investigation confirms that Jones was under the influence at the time of making the error, what steps will you take to resolve the situation as ethically as possible? (4 sentences minimum)
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⦁ Explain briefly what ideas from the lecture influenced your decision. Refer to actual ideas and avoid being vague. This should be a combination of ethical approaches (Utilitarianism, Duty, Rights, and Golden Mean), as you want to avoid the either-or dilemma trap. (3 sentences)
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⦁ Is there a program your company can look at providing to ensure that your staff can seek help on their own confidentially before things escalate? (2 sentences minimum)
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