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New Jersey Supreme

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Attached is a New Jersey Supreme Court Sample Case (“SAMPLE CASE”) of 1918, as well as a summary of that case (“SAMPLE BRIEFS CASE”).  The brief is compiled in the so-called IRAC format (problem/solution/analysis/conclusion).  Our textbook author, Roger Leroy Miller, uses the same basic format throughout the textbook to summarize court decisions.  Please see both documents below.  The sample case, which is only one page, is fortunately quite short;  conversely, the U.S. Supreme Court majority opinion in Right to Bear Arms, DC v. Heller (2007) was 64 pages long and contained two dissenting opinions, one of which was 46 pages long and the other was 44 pages long.  .  Count your blessings that you don’t have to read them.  After you review these sample cases, please read the attached Pennsylvania Supreme Court opinion in Lind v. Surman regarding who retains ownership of the wedding ring when an engaged couple separates.  You can ignore dissenting opinions on a case.  I will

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