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Nature or nurture

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Directions: complete all assigned questions. The entire answer to each question must be at minimum one paragraph in length and answer all parts of the assigned question. Be sure that you number your answer to the corresponding question.

1.) What is the role of understanding how the brain develops in the early years? Is nature or nurture more important? Why? The book lists numerous “Applications of Research on Brain Development” in the chapter, which one (or ones) did you find most important? Why?
2.) Discuss the role that senses and reflexes play in a newborn’s life and choose one to discuss how a baby learns and acquires information through that sense. What connection is there between an infant’s reflexes and later development of motor skills? Add a real-life example to your answer.
3.) What are the most significant changes in motor development as the infant progresses to a toddler, the toddler to preschooler and the preschooler to early elementary? How can environmental conditions (such as parenting, schooling, nutrition, stress, etc.) affect the development of gross and fine motor skills?
4.) Explain Miquelote et al. (2012)’s results regarding the importance that an infant’s home environment has on motor development. What factors of the home environment did the authors feel may have contributed their research results? What did you feel was most significant about this article?

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