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Mesopotamian civilizations

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1. Explain the significance of agriculture in the rise of Early Complex Societies.
2. Explain some of the technological and social developments of the Nile River Valley and Mesopotamian civilizations. Your answer should reference at least two from each civilization.
3. What were the key differences between the Greek city-states Athens and Sparta? Which is regarded as one of the founding civilizations to use democratic values in government?
4. What led to the transition of Rome from a Republic to an Empire?
5. Explain at least two influences that Christianity had on the Byzantine Empire and/or the Byzantine Empire’s influence on Christianity.
6. What were at least two different ways that the Sui and Song Dynasties (598-618 and 960-1279 CE respectively) instituted centralized rule in China?
7. What was the Renaissance and where did Renaissance thinkers and artists base their works and inspiration from?
8. Explain the differences between a country with an absolute monarchy versus one that is a constitutional monarchy? In a transition from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, who is gaining more power or representation?
9. What was the role of disease in the Americas and Pacific islands? Did it help or hold back European expansion in these areas? Why?
10. Explain the achievements of the Portuguese and Spanish during the Age of Exploration and their influence on non-European civilizations.
11. Compare and contrast the effects of European colonization on East Africa versus Central and South Africa.
12. Describe the connection between the Atlantic Slave Trade and the African Diaspora.
13. What were the effects of the Ming and Qing Dynasties centralized system of government and traditional rule on Chinese society?
14. Explain the similarities between the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empire.
15. Describe the factors that led to the fall of the Islamic Empires during the 1700s

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