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Mrs. Millie is a 79-year-old African American female who resides at an assisted living facility.  She is widowed with one son who lives nearby.  Her medical diagnoses include congestive heart failure, hyperlipidemia, depression, atrial fibrillation, and hypertension.  Additional past medical history includes gestational diabetes (40 years ago), chickenpox as a child, and atelectasis (post-op in the past).  She worked as a secretary for the local police department but has been retired for 15 years.  She ambulates independently with a walker and standby assist and requires minimum assist during bathing.  For the past two weeks, she complains of feeling short of breath and is unable to tolerate ambulating to the dining room and around the facility.  She enjoys attending group activities at the facility but has not joined the morning exercise group for the past week.  She has a recent weight gain of 2.5 kg.

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Orders include:

Ambulate with walker and 1 standby assist
Daily weights
NAS diet
1.5L fluid restriction/24 hours
Furosemide 20 mg PO daily
Warfarin 2 mg PO daily
Simvastatin 20 mg PO daily
Sertraline 100mg PO daily
Metoprolol 75 mg PO BID
Do not resuscitate

5 labs or diagnostic that will be ordered for the patient
Note normal values
Expected abnormal values
What does this signify for the patient Medical diagnoses

Choose five labs or diagnostic tests that might be ordered for your case study client.  Note normal results, expected abnormal values, and what that would signify for your client.

Rubric for Part 1 (Due Week 5): 10 Points


Medication summary is complete & detailed (5 meds).
Laboratory and/or diagnostic tests summary is complete &
detailed in paragraph form (5 tests)

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