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Massive popularity

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“Witnessing the massive popularity and demand that Korean pop music enjoys in the region is just mind-blowing! Despite the fact that K-pop is coming from a different culture and is in a different language, its catchy and engaging style has managed to mesmerise
hundreds of thousands of people from Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” says Claudius Boller,

Middle East and Africa managing director at Spotify.
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The National, UAE fans among the biggest K-pop lovers in the Mena region, Oct 10, 2019


1. Introduction

1.1. A fan, aficionado, or supporteris someone who has an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking and enthusiasm for a sporting club, person, group of persons, or trend. Fans therefore constitute a fanbase or fandom.

1.2. Describe, discuss and give examples on Jenkins’ (2013) argument that “fans represent individuals who passionately experience certain brands and fandoms and whose members consciously declare them as members of a larger community to which they are committed and
loyal” (Jenkins, 2013).

1.2.1 Briefly research about (online sources, social media, personal contacts), and describe a fandom in the UAE (around sport, fashion, car, or a local brand, or any brand: coffee, luxury,
local event, etc).

1.3. Describe your personal enthusiasm about a product/service, club, person, group or a trend.

Based on your own fan experience 1, describe:
What are the main characteristics of the fan
community, how do you communicate, what is the level of your involvement, what are you passionate about?

Link 1.3. answer with 1.2.1. answer.

1 If you are not experiencing anything above, if you do not declare yourself as a fan of anyone/anything, find appropriate fan community examples and write about other UAE fandom experiences in the essay.

2. Body

2.1. Many people are fans almost incidentally: they love an author’s works because their parents did, or they support a team because it represents their hometown. There are certain common characteristics to be found in fans. Common characteristics include internal and external involvement:

2.1.1. Fans usually have a strong enough interest that some changes in their lifestyles are made
to accommodate devotion to the object. Describe your experienced internal involvement.

2.1.2. Fans have a desire for external involvement – motivated to demonstrate their involvement with their interest through certain behaviors (attending a forum). Fans often have a “wish to
acquire” material objects related to the area of interest (memorabilia, action figures, etc). Some fans have a desire for social interaction with other fans (attend a gathering).

Describe your external involvement reflected in all the three levels: behavior, acquiring material objects and interaction with other fans.

2.2. Thanks to the advent of the Internet in the last two decades, it’s now much easier to locate, and communicate with, like-minded individuals. There are websites, online forums,
and social media pages that now might even be the time to start organizing a postpandemic meet-up! Identify a website, forum or a social media platform that you follow
and relate to. Describe the ways how you communicate with like-minded individuals.

2.3. Provide several screenshots of examples that drew most of your attention, that inspired
you, that inspired you to act (to like the post, to follow the account, to make a purchase, or recommend a product/service to a friend).


Discuss the usage of social media and how it has rapidly increased in the UAE. Social groups play a massive role in connecting people with similar interests and they can also serve to motivate people to improve themselves. Conclude with the description and examples of your identity on social media (as a man/woman; an Emirati, authentic creator, collector, follower, etc).

Essay structure and evaluation

Your assignment must be structured as follows: Use no more than three to four pages (up to 2,000 words single spaced), including an introduction, body, and conclusion (excluding images
and page with listed references and bibliography). Type the essay single spaced using Times

New Roman or Arial 12 font.

You will be graded based on your descriptions, explanations and analyses. Use balanced approach where you include at least two viewpoints; be critical – what is good or bad about the
community experience and/or from material available (academic and professional (online) relevant sources, websites, social media); always clarify and identify components of the issue;
and compare – look for similarities and differences, and show relevant and current examples of yours or the viewpoints used from secondary sources.

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