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genetic determinism

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Please answer one of the following:

1. When the author is discussing altruism on page 27, he says the real problem is when people claim that altruism doesn’t actually exist, meaning there are no instances where someone is acting altruistically, that person is acting for their own self-benefit or self-interest. Do you think altruism exists or do people always have ulterior motives?

2. When the author talks about genetic determinism on page 31, let’s assume for the sake of argument that genetic determinism is correct, that we are programmed to act a certain way based on our fixed nature. Let’s say, oddly enough, that an adult person exists somewhere that is genetically programmed to hurt any creature smaller than herself; this includes things like worms, cats, birds, human children, etc. It doesn’t seem to make sense to always make sure this person is the smallest creature around, so what is to be done with her? Or more importantly, what is to be done if genetical determinism produces behaviors that do not coincide with the necessary requirements of civil society?

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