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Masters level Evidence-Based Corrections Presentation

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You are asked to give a presentation to a director of treatment and rehabilitation in a corrections system. The director has never heard of evidence-based corrections or the principles of effective intervention. For this assignment create a PowerPoint slideshow. In the slideshow:
* Analyze and thoroughly explain evidence-based corrections and the principles of effective intervention.
* Analyze how and why evidence-based corrections and using principles of effective intervention represent an improvement over other ways rehabilitation programs are developed (for example, common sense ideas, or the way it has always been done).
* Analyze how the outcomes of an effective rehabilitation or treatment program compare to those of a punishment-based program.
* Provide a structured outline of ways the principles of effective intervention could be used to help guide and implement a rehabilitation and treatment program that would reduce recidivism in this director’s corrections system.
For more information about creating an effective PowerPoint presentation, review the guide in the Resources.
After you create your presentation, use Kaltura to record yourself giving the presentation.

Assignment Requirements

* Your presentation should include at least 10 slides, with speaker’s notes.
* You must cite and discuss at least 3 relevant scholarly sources.
* You should cite references using APA style and format, but slide content does not need to conform to APA style.

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