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Ethical behavior

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Submit all questions in an APA format MS Word document to this drop-box. All answers will be at least 5 sentences. Please refer to the grading rubric illustrated in the course syllabus.
Chapter 16
1. Why is it important for the department supervisor to be a model of ethical behavior?
2. What is the single ethical issue that is – or should be – of broadest concern among health institution employees?  That is , which one concern affects more employees than any other?
Chapter 17
3. Constraints commonly encountered in supervisory decision-making involve time, money, quality, personalities, and politics. Explain why time is a commonly encountered constraint.
4. When does the exercise of the no-decision option sometimes represent the most consequential alternative?
Chapter 18
5. Why is change in the management of a department one of the most upsetting changes that can occur affecting the work group?
6. Why is involving employees in determining the form and direction of any particular change likely to be more successful than giving them carefully prepared, detailed instructions?
Chapter 19
7. Describe some pros and cons of Social Media in the Workplace?
8. The ease and convenience of e-mail have surely caused a dramatic increase in the number of messages moving among people.  With this ease and convenience, what is the importance of editing and rewriting an e-mail before sending it?
Chapter 22
9. Explain why is quality “more than just a job”?
10. What should be the strongest force within your own department in getting your employees to actively work to improve both quality and productivity?


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