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Epidemiology of thalassemia

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Discuss the epidemiology of thalassemia and share evidence-based practice guidelines necessary for chronic management.
Sickle-cell anemia has treatment parameters in the chronic state and acute exacerbation. The acute phase requires aggressive hydration and pain medication. What is the physiologic pattern for this problem?

2. Post both completed and signed evaluation forms to this discussion. Note whether your session focused on academic and career or personal and social development. Based on the evaluations, reflect on the strengths and areas needing improvement in your counseling skill set. Choose one area of growth and discuss how you will work to improve your proficiency in the next three weeks.


Is sexuality a privilege or a right? If sexuality is a human rights issue, then who gets denied of this right and how? Discuss about two groups of people who are usually denied of sexuality rights in most societies? (2.5+2.5+10)


In a 1- to 2-page paper, analyze an event in sport in which a leader made an unethical decision. Explain why you believe the leader made the unethical decision and how an ethical decision might have changed the outcome of the event.

Be sure to support your response with concrete examples from your personal experience, observations and the Learning Materials.

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