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Emergent leaders

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This assignment is a continuation of a previous assignment that you wrote.  First is the directions of the assignment and I will attach a copy of the feedback my professor provided.

Based upon what you have learned from this course, and in particular from the required textbook, prepare a 10 – 12 page(final paper), a doubled-spaced paper discussing and analyzing the most significant issues surrounding the principal’s role in the identification and development of emergent leaders and ensuring qualified candidates for succession management. Include in your analysis a comparison of traditional teacher evaluation procedures with the current reality and future trends in performance evaluation.

Provide a plan that includes specific strategies for:

~assisting and developing these emerging leaders,
~promoting teacher leadership,
~planning for professional learning, and
~recommending performance compensation.

When making recommendations discuss:

~pertinent legal issues,
~existing as well as pending state and federal legislation, and
~budgetary considerations when appropriate.

Attached is the previous essay that you wrote, the teacher feedback, and chapter 1-3 PowerPoints. If you need pages from the book, please let me know. I can upload the pages.

Cite appropriate references according to APA format standards.

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