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economic disadvantages

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Chief Justice Roberts claims that the government did not create segregation.  Is he correct on that point?  What economic disadvantages did blacks suffer because of government policies discussed in the article?  How have the effects of these policies reached into our present?  How did changes in the economy make these disadvantages even worse?  What can be done to eliminate the vast inequalities, the damage, that government policies created?  What do you think about solutions briefly explored in the article, to address the serious disadvantages caused to Blacks by government actions in the past?  Can you think of better ways of addressing these problems?
I want one well-written paper built around these questions, not separate answers to each question.
Your paper should be 12 point and uniformly double spaced, with no extra space between paragraphs. If you are typing in Word, when you set up the spacing click on “remove extra space between paragraphs”.


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