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dual language learning

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The goal of the topic question is not to answer the question or solve the problem. Instead, the topic question or thesis statement is an opportunity for you to explain how this topic affects you, your community or your relationships. In your final draft of your paper, you must use your instructor’s feedback to develop and improve your paper.

Topic Questions for Research Paper

Please choose one of the following topics for your research paper:

Violence on TV or in Video games

·        Does viewing violence on TV or in video games increase the likelihood that the viewer will become violent?

·        Both TV programs and video games have recommended age ratings. Do you believe it’s necessary for parents to follow these ratings when deciding if a child should watch a TV show or play a video game?

·        Discuss Bandura’s research on social learning and how it would relate to violence on TV or in video games.


·        Discuss the strengths and challenges of dual language learning

·        How does research on neuroplasticity help improve healthcare outcomes?

·        How might theories on memory and forgetting affect your professional practice?

Mental Health

·        Discuss stigmas that exist in the US regarding psychological disorders and/or treatment

·        Research and discuss if mental health counseling is easily attainable in the US

·        How can healthcare workers prepare themselves to work with patients who may be diagnosed with a psychological disorder?

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