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Data Collection Visits

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Data Collection Visits Template These Visit Data Collections will help you to prepare your data for the final project paper. Within 24 hours of experiencing one of your 4 required visits for your field project paper reflect on and turn in this filled out template for each visit including the following:

Basic Patient Info:

● Altered Name of Patient (to protect their identity)

● Age range of patient

● Patient’s condition

● Describe the general setting of the visit, what did you notice when you entered the patient’s room?

● What was the general content of the conversation with the patient? Points of Reflection (100+words for each point of reflection)

1. Record what you noticed might be the spiritual needs of this person and the cues they were giving.

2. Note what allowed you and opportunity or proved a barrier to your engaging the spiritual needs of this person during your different visits. What kind of spiritual resources might this person benefit from?

3. Reflect after the visit, and in light of our course learning activities, on what might you have done or chosen to offer in terms of spiritual support for this person.

4. Reflect on your experience of the visit: what feelings, reactions or thoughts that they provoked for you and what forms of self-care you could use to recover from this visit or prepare for another visit like it in the future.

5. Recall and academically reference (APA format) your course readings or other learning activities related to your observations. Reflect specifically on the way that the reading assigned for the current week applies to your patient visit. pls waiting the to confirm order

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