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Cybersecurity framework

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Paper Proposal Guidelines:
Write a paper proposal about “The role of Cybersecurity framework in emergency management”. The
proposals should include 1 full page identifying the topic, core outline for the paper, and anticipated
major sources.
Final Paper Guideline:
This will be a paper of original thesis and independent research, writing, and analysis. It is to be a
scholarly paper that thoroughly analyzes the topic. The expectation is that you will survey the literature
(both print and digital), assess the current state of knowledge about the issue, function, hazard, or
disaster, and provide a novel thesis and legal analysis that identifies information needs, lessons learned,
and/or both concerns for emergency managers, policy makers, and communities at risk. It is important
that your paper does not merely recite the law or what others have said about the issues. It should
contain original insight and analysis in abundance. It is very important that the paper analyze a chosen
topic, and advocates for a position on the topic. The paper should avoid lengthy descriptions,
background, and history. You must use a variety of credible sources. You are not restricted to cases,
statutes, and regulations, as the scope of this course goes beyond traditional legal analysis. The key is
that the sources are legitimate and that you cite them as appropriate.

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