Solved: cultural views and values

cultural views and values

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In this journal assignment, you will reflect on how cultural views and values influence delinquency and criminal behavior, what subcultures are, and how subculture theories explain criminal behavior.

In some countries, it is against the law to insult or defame a specific religion, while doing so in the United States is a protected right (freedom of speech). This example highlights the fact that cultures often define crime differently. Why?

Using the resources you’ve read thus far, address the following in a 250- to 400-word journal entry:

What are the connections (correlations) between culture and criminal behavior? Consider the following in your response:
How are cultural values important in regard to delinquency and crime?
How do laws reflect cultural views and values?
How might an understanding of subcultures help explain how cultural values influence behavior? Consider the following in your response:
What is a subculture?
What causes a subculture to emerge?
How is a subculture comparable to two countries with different criminal laws? What are the significant differences?
How do subcultural theories explain criminal behavior?
Specifically, the following rubric criteria must be addressed:

Describe the connections (correlations) between culture and criminal behavior.
Analyze the importance of subculture in terms of understanding how cultural values influence behavior.
Describe how subcultural theories explain criminal behavior.

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