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Criminal investigation

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Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you discuss the following:

The role that the behavioral sciences play in a criminal investigation
The requirements necessary to obtain expert witness designation and acceptance of expert witness testimony
Court rules with regard to the acceptance of evidence and testimony related to the behavioral sciences
The areas of forensic science and psychological profiling that may be challenged during court proceedings



The prompt is “n Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, when Montag first meets Clarisse, she asks him if he is happy.
The question troubles him, and in many ways begins his transformation. Discuss the idea of the
pursuit of happiness in the novel. What does Bradbury believe about the nature of true
happiness? Of what does happiness not consist? Be sure to use specific incidents and quotations
from the book to support your analysis”



The purpose of the assignment is to help you understand the research process (Literature review, data collection, sampling, etc.,) in criminal justice. For each “Article Report” assignment you are required to find at least three peer-reviewed article and write a report about that article. The second “article report” assignment, which is due this week, is about “Literature Review” section of research. For this assignment, you need to find THREE articles and read their Literature Review section and report the general structure of the literature review section in each of the papers and the way they have organized and applied other scholars’ works in their paper.

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