Solved: Competence and responsibility ethical

Competence and responsibility ethical

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Private vs. Public essay.

Please write an essay describing the differences between a career in Private Accounting vs. a career in Public Accounting. Describe differences in requirements, job levels, corresponding salaries, work commitment (e.g. hours, travel, continuing education requirements) and any other relevant differences.



Complete the following assignment (This should be in APA 7th ed. format and include scholarly references within the last 5 years. Be sure to include a separate cover and reference page(s) and submit via Canvas). Include in-text citations to support your thoughts.

Do not add an abstract for this assignment and do not copy and paste the instructions in this assignment into the body of your paper.

What are codes of ethics?  What is their purpose?

What are their limitations? Why are competence and responsibility ethical issues?  How will each influence a human service professional’s relationship with a client?

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