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Coastal Medical Center

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Assume you are the Vice President of Strategy and Business Planning at Coastal Medical Center. Your President and CEO wants you to put together a paper on the benefits of strategic planning for the organization.  The paper will be shared with senior leadership and middle management as not only a training guide, but also a way to promote strategic thinking throughout the organization.

This paper should discuss the following:
•    What strategic planning is and what it is not
•    Describe a preferred strategic planning process for CMC
•    The benefits of strategic planning for CMC
•    How all stakeholder groups can take part in the planning process

The paper should be no more than 5 pages in length not including title page, references, or appendices/exhibits; and should follow APA 7 ed. scholarly writing guidelines.

Notes:    Most organizations have a mission statement in place because it was created when the organization was founded (or soon after) and adapted to comply with changing times over the years.  So, creating a mission statement is not usually part of the strategic planning process. Reviewing the mission as a reminder to all involved, is a best practice often done to insure that the plan is consistent with the mission of the organization.

This paper does not require detailed explanations of how to complete the various tasks required.  However, all necessary tasks should be identified, and the paper should explain who will complete each task, who is ultimately accountable, and what the objective of each task is.

Be sure to consider your audience as you prepare this paper.  You are a VP, preparing a paper for the CEO who will present it to senior leadership and middle managers. The paper’s tone and content is important if you are to effectively gain understanding and agreement from this group.

Remember, you are writing about a healthcare organization, so explanation of benefits CMC can expect from planning and executing a strategic plan should focus on the benefits received by all stakeholders of the organization.

APA guidelines include a title page, introduction, conclusion, reference page, and in-text citings. Every reference should be cited at least once. APA also calls for the same style and size font throughout.

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