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attractions of India

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Reread the Management focus on IKEA in India (p. 436) and answer the following questions.

What do you think are the attractions of India to IKEA? Why did the company choose Hyderabad as the location for its first store opening? What are the biggest challenges IKEA faces in growing its Indian operation? IKEA entered India by establishing a wholly owned subsidiary. Why do you think the company chose this entry mode over other entry modes, such as franchising the IKEA concept or a joint venture? Explain your answer fully and cite sources.

Your initial post should be at least a paragraph in length (minimum 400 words). However, the content of your post is more important than merely the length of the post.
You must create at least two different discussion paragraphs that are substantive and provoke further thought or discussion, providing in-depth analysis or application of the concepts and questions.  in every discussion topic that week. Each discussion paragraph should be substantive about the subject (minimum 200 words).

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