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Annotated Bibliography

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After choosing what topic you’d like your research synthesis to be on, let’s start the research process.  You will look for information through books, online research articles, newspaper articles, and other online websites.  The goal of this assignment is to essentially find information that can help answer your research question. This assignment is intended to help you build towards your final research synthesis paper.

What is an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations like journal articles, newspaper articles, books, and/or online websites.  Every citation included will have a short summary of the articles, books, and/or websites and a rationale of how this information contributes to answering your research question.  The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to evaluate the source based on accuracy, to provide a justification of why it is useful, and to ensure the source includes quality, substantive information.

How long should the paper be?

There is no page length to this paper assignment.  However, each resource should have a short description that is about 3-5 sentences long (roughly 150 words or more).

What is the format of the paper?

Like any research paper, the assignment will be in APA format (7th edition).  This would mean typed, 12 pt. size, and Times New Roman font.  The citations should also be written in APA format as well.  If you are unsure, please refer to this website:


This assignment must fulfill the following requirements:

Include at least four sources
Include a full reference page citation, formatted in APA format, for each source.  To figure out how to do this, use the instructions on OWL at Purdue’s site (Links to an external site.).
Include a clear summary of each research source: Explain what it is about so that I can get a sense of the article.  Here you will want to clearly state the main argument or point and explain some of the topics and supporting reasons focused on in the text.
Include commentary on why the source is useful and what kind of evidence it adds to your project.  Does it add a particular perspective or type of evidence?  Explain why you are including it.
At the end of your list of sources, explain what controversial topic your essay will be about—what is the problem and why are people concerned about it?  Explain what you think your argument is.  Then, explain the connections you are beginning to see between your sources and how you are currently imagining they will be used together in your paper.  This should be 2 or 3 fat, healthy paragraphs long.
Each annotation should be around 100-150 words long.

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