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1. The Interview (10 marks) (<300 words)

Conduct an interview with a professional service provider in education, health or community service role. E.g. An independent therapist, a social worker at a NGO, a SEN teacher/SENCo, a Special Child Care Centre, community nurse etc. Investigate how this service provider collaborate with families of children with special needs.

Devise interview strategies that will allow you to understand:
– roles and responsibilities of the service provider
– service types and models;
– profiles of the families/ clientele;
– partnership styles, formats and models;
– collaboration strategies
– challenges regarding family collaborations – explore the reasons and how the service
provide handle them

2. Analyze and compare (15 marks) (<200 words per principle)

Collate and summarize the collaboration strategies from the interview. Compare them with the 7 principles of partnership delineated in the Turnbull et al (2015) text. Make a clear comparison of each one of the 7 principles and contrast the differences, if any.
Write an overall analysis of the findings and explain the reasons why the strategies are similar or different to the principles. Consider all contributing factors such as contextual, cultural and economic factors.

3. The report

Write a 2000-word report detailing the above two sections. Use literature and evidence to support your arguments.

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