Social Service Program Development

Use your Social Work Macro Practice text to complete the following:      

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  • Read Chapter 10, “Selecting Appropriate Strategies and Tactics,” pages 299–328.
  • Read Chapter 11, “Planning and Implementing the Intervention,” pages 329–357.
  • Read Chapter 12, “Monitoring and Evaluating the Intervention,” pages 358–380.

2000 words

Assignment Overview

Based on your work in the Unit 3 Macro Analysis Paper and the Unit 6  Macro Analysis Presentation, you now develop a program that eliminates a  gap you identified in your research surrounding the selected problem.  You need to do additional research to support the social service program  you develop. Additionally, you need to interview an expert in the  problem area for guidance on strategies and skills in the development of  a program.

By successfully completing this assignment, you demonstrate your proficiency in the following EPAS and generalist behaviors:

  • Competency 4: Engage in Practice-Informed Research and Research-Informed Practice.      
    • C4.GP.B: Apply critical thinking to engage in analysis of quantitative and qualitative research methods and research findings.
    • C4.GP.C: Use and translate research evidence to inform and improve practice, policy, and service delivery.        
      • Related Assignment Criterion:          
        • 2. Develop a complete social service program to address  the identified problem, using multiple sources of knowledge, including  research-based knowledge and practice wisdom.
  • Competency 5: Engage in Policy Practice.      
    • C5.GP.A: Identify social policy at the local, state, and  federal level that impacts well-being, service delivery, and access to  social services.
    • C5.GP.C: Apply critical thinking to analyze, formulate, and  advocate for policies that advance human rights and social, economic,  and environmental justice.        
      • Related Assignment Criterion:          
        • 6. Provide leadership in promoting sustainable changes in service delivery and practice.
  • Competency 6: Engage With Individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations, and Communities.      
    • C6.GP.A: Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social  environment, person-in-environment, and other multidisciplinary  theoretical frameworks to engage with clients and constituencies.        
      • Related Assignment Criterion:          
        • 2. Develop a complete social service program to address  the identified problem, using multiple sources of knowledge, including  research-based knowledge and practice wisdom.

Assignment Description

Prior to developing a program, you need to do the following:

  • Identify an existing gap in the strategies or skills used to  address the problem you identified for your Unit 3 assignment. The gap  could also pertain to the sustainability of the strategies or the  improvement in the quality of social service delivery addressed in your  Unit 6 assignment. You need to identify a gap in the existing strategies  that you have read about and presented on.
  • Conduct additional research for peer-reviewed resources to  determine an appropriate program. Your program needs to be based on  peer-reviewed research, but can also be guided by your experience in the  field.
  • Interview one social work leader who is an expert in your  particular problem area to learn about strategies and skills that may  address the identified problem.

Assignment Instructions

In your paper:

  • Identify and describe a problem that arises from a gap in the existing best practice strategies.      
    • Assess this gap based on what you learned when completing your previous macro-level assignments in Units 3 and 6.
    • Explain how the problem emerged from your previous macro-level analysis.
  • Develop a social service program to address the identified  problem, using multiple sources of knowledge, including research-based  knowledge and practice wisdom. Use the following format:      
    • Vision statement.
    • Mission statement.
    • Goals.
    • Objectives.
    • Methods and activities.
    • Implementation plan.
    • Evaluation metrics.
  • Identify the method of evaluating the program. Be sure it  identifies how you know if the program is helpful or not, and how you  measure change in your social service program.
  • Integrate technology into the program. Identify at least one  technology (or way to use technology) in your program and support your  chosen method with content from your literature review.
  • Integrate theory by using multiple sources of research and practice wisdom in the social service program.      
    • Use this section as an annotated bibliography to show content you have learned about theory and how to use it in your program.
  • Reflect on the process of developing a social service program to target a specific problem. In your reflection:      
    • Demonstrate how you integrated theory and practice when completing this assignment.
    • Write your summary from the annotated bibliography above as it  synthesizes the literature more directly to address your identified  problem.
  • Provide leadership in promoting sustainable change in service delivery.      
    • Evaluate the feasibility and sustainability of the program. Support your assessment with peer-reviewed literature.
    • Discuss how you provide leadership in promoting sustainable change in service delivery and practice.

Note: Remember to be as detailed as possible in developing your  argument and ideas. Also, include relevant, peer-reviewed APA citations  to support your analysis throughout your program plan.

Additional Requirements

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting standards.
  • References: 10–12 scholarly resources. All literature cited should be current, with publication dates within the past 5 years.
  • Length of paper: 8–10 typed, double-spaced pages.