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Social Security

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Reflect on Social Security and how you will depend on it when you reach an age at which you qualify for it. Think about:

Will it be enough for you to survive without any other income? If not, where will other income come from?

Do you think you would rather take  when you first qualify, or wait longer and receive more per month?

The importance of Social Security in this country.

Should our government make sure that Social Security stays, even if it means going into more debt?


2. In this discussion you will describe your school setting, personal goals, objectives, and expectations for your internship experience. As you prepare for this discussion, reflect on the feedback you received on your Practicum transcript as well as the evaluations from your site supervisor and faculty instructor.

What are your strengths as noted in practicum?
What areas do you want to develop in Internship 1 (open ended questions, reflecting feelings, and so on)?
What do you need from yourself, your professor, and your peers to help you continue to develop as a school counselor?
How do you plan to continue to develop your identity as a school counselor?

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