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Assignment ( 750words )
Read Screenplay ‘Get out’ :
750 words. 1-inch margins.
The purpose of this assignment is to gauge and evaluate your understanding of the screenplay Get Out.
You work for a creative executive and provide script coverage on all incoming screenplays. Imagine that Get Out comes across your desk and you are tasked with providing coverage on this draft. Be sure to include: a logline, a short synopsis of the screenplay, and a comments/suggestions section where you analyze and dissect the overall structure of the script. What works and what doesn’t work? What suggestions can you give to make the script “better.” Finally, include whether you would PASS, CONSIDER, OR CONSIDER WITH RESERVATIONS. This final statement is the first thing that creative executives look at and it usually determines whether the script gets moved up to the next level or not. No works cited needed.
Coverage Template :
Date: Month #, Year
Title: Title (book/script/graphic/novel) (### pgs)
Writer(s): Author
To: Executive (Maresa/Costigan/whomever)
From: Your Name Here
Submitted by: Name/Agency (or Mgr or Lawyer, if applicable)
LOGLINE: One sentence logline here.
SYNOPSIS: One-to-one-and-a-half-page synopsis here.
COMMENTS: About one half page of comments here
VERDICT (Pass, Consider with Reservations, Consider)

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