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right against self-incrimination

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Research Fifth Amendment cases, including Miranda v. Arizona, 386 U.S. 436 (1966), which involves custodial interrogation and the right against self-incrimination.
In your paper,
•    Determine whether Hand was entitled to Miranda warnings.
•    Explain whether the fact that Hand was not a citizen

2. Please write an original poem of exactly 14 lines. Do not write more or less. The poem must include the following elements:
1. Rhyme scheme – Every line doesn’t have to rhyme, but you have to rhyme at least three times. (For example: AABBCCDEFGHIJK is ok)
2. Poetic devices – You have to use at least two poetic devices studied so far. (alliteration, allusion, hyperbole, imagery, metaphor, personification, simile)
3. It must be about something a 12 years old  actually care about or find interesting. It is her English class assignment


3. Many argue that using alcohol, marijuana, or other seemingly “minor” drugs acts as a gateway to stronger, more lethal drugs and addictions. Do you believe there is support for this claim? Support your position from a neurobiology point of view.
How might substance abuse manifest in an adolescent or older adult?
Since addicted persons need more and more prescription painkillers or opiates to get the feeling of being “high” or staying “well,” what are some consequences they may face?


4. Please see attachments for COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS as well as Chapter 5 of text in pdf form that explains the two theories chosen for more clarity.
You will be creating a fictional 30 year old person and pretending as if you were interviewing them but creating a research essay based on the fictional interview. Don’t forget to create a name, hometown/currently live, schools attended, if they have a family (kids, husband) in addition to their occupational history per the instructions attached
The two theories chosen will be Roe’s Needs Approach Theory and
Hansen’s Integrative Life Planning Theory.

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