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Rhetorical situation

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Short Assignment Three: Major Project Review


Your Task
You will write a 2-page review (double spaced) of your original text (not your adaptation! The text you are adapting). In this review, you will identify a claim in your source text and
map the rhetorical situation of your source text. Your review should ask/develop the
What do you believe to be a major theme or focus created by the text? What is the text’s approach or purpose in relation to this theme?
What conversation is your text in? What have others said about your text or the theme?
What are the stakes of text? As in, why does the text matter?
Identify a single significant passage/scene from the work that acts as textual support for your understanding of the text’s theme, and analyze why it’s successful or unsuccessful

Rhetorical Situation/Audience:
Since you’re writing in the review genre, you can choose to be as formal or informal as you’d like
in this assignment; reviews come in all levels of formality. However, you should have an
engaging opening and conclusion that grabs your reader’s attention, and you will want to
weigh in on whether or not you think the text is worth reading. You could even rank
it on a scale of 1-5 stars! Consider who would be reading your review and let that guide how
formal you are. In your conclusion, you should consider the stakes of your text and its claim
(why does the text matter), and in review-fashion, answer this question: who would you
recommend this text to, and why?

Format: Your letter should be Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced, with 1-inch margins. Please include in-text MLA citations and a Works Cited page.

Outcomes: 2, 3

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