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Research proposal

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you are writing a detailed research outline in essay format, but you are not coming up with an experiment, you are simply describing what goes on in an experiment and what goes in each section of a research proposal. Describe what goes in each section in a typical research proposal. Use your journal entries to provide you with information to use when describing these sections, use concepts and terms you learned in class. Similar to the APA template example but you cannot use the information or the same words, you must add the information that you learned in this class and from your textbook. You must provide examples for each section.

Your outline should have the following format and sections with detailed (by detailed I mean a paragraph or multiple paragraphs) points telling me what important topics are covered in each section and a description of those topics.

Title Page

Abstract (tell me what an abstract is, what typically goes in an abstract)

Introduction (tell me what an introduction is meant for, and what typically goes in an introduction for a research proposal.

Lit Review/Background (what is the purpose for a lit review, what information do you typically find in a lit review)?

Methods (contains participants subsection,  procedures subsection and materials subsection)

Results (tell me what a results section typically contains, what are common statistical analyses used, etc)

Discussion (What do authors/researchers typically put in a discussion section? Why is a discussion section important?)


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