1) The Supreme Court Cases in Chapter 4 discuss the scope of the exclusionary rule and the extent to whether evidence obtained from illegal searches, seizures, or arrests should be excluded as “fruit of the poisonous tree.”  Pick two (2) cases from Chapter 4 and discuss them and be sure to include the following:  What were the facts behind the illegal search, seizure or arrest?  What constitutional amendment was violated?  Did the Court agree to the exclusion of the evidence obtained from the illegal search?  What was the Court’s rationale?  Please remember to cite to the Court case and specify on what pages you find this information.

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2) Why do innocent people confess to crimes they did not commit?  You must cite to at least 3 reasons, with specific cites from the cases in Chapter 6 of our text, Police Interrogation and Confessions.  This will require you to read through the text carefully and cite to specific page numbers.  No credit will be given for a reason that does not have a specific cite immediately following it.  Further, please discuss the impact of false confessions and ways to reduce false confessions.