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In this assignment, students will evaluate the types of supporting content needed for a sales presentation by an agent on behalf of their chosen piece of creative content.
Students will analyze and discuss what makes a good press kit, book proposal, film treatment, television treatment, or game treatment.

Initial Post (75%) –

Project Specifications

Last week, we learned the importance of drafting an effective query letter. In the letter, we introduced ourselves or our client and gave the agent a brief overview of our creative content. This letter helps the agent determine whether or not he or she can take us on as a client and if a market exists for the sale of our material. If interested, the agent will then request more specific information from us about the content, such as a proposal, treatment, or press kit. This additional material will help the agent finalize a decision and ultimately put together a sales package for potential publishers.

Depending on the creative content you’ve chosen, this week you will be putting together either a book proposal, a press kit, a film treatment, a television treatment, or a game treatment (see Project Two for details). In preparation for this assignment, please answer the following question for this week’s post: What makes a good book proposal, press kit, film treatment, television treatment, or game treatment?

Please refer to the sample templates provided in the appendix of the textbook, as well as outside resources, on how to create and optimize these materials. Focus on your specific content (for example, if you selected music, talk about what goes into making an effective press kit). In addition to the textbook, if you find helpful resources outside of class, be sure to discuss and cite them appropriately.

Response Post (25%) – DUE SUNDAY

Choose at least one other student’s post, and reply to it.  Offer three helpful suggestions or information sources, along with appropriate citations. Please keep the tone positive and professional.


Complete the reading assignment for the week and then answer the discussion questions given above. Provide an initial post in response to the specified questions, before Wednesday at 11:59pm.

Your initial post must be at least three paragraphs in length and cite at least one source (outside of course materials) that discusses events and/or situations with respect to the entertainment industry.

Create a response post to another student’s initial post on this week’s Discussion Board, before Sunday 11:59pm.  Your reply post must be at least one paragraph in length.

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