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Problem-focused coping

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: In your response, answer all the items of the question.

Problem-focused coping involves addressing a problem situation directly, especially by making a plan to change the situation, and following that plan (e.g., changing how one studies for tests or making a plan to improve one’s diet). Emotion-focused coping addresses the feelings that accompany the stressors; typically, this approach seeks to reduce anxiety or increase emotional support from friends or family. Meaning-focused coping involves finding significance in the stressor by reappraising it, especially if this leads to growth or learning of important lessons; it may be based on deeper values, whether secular or spiritual, as when suffering is interpreted as leading to growth.

To answer the following questions, refer to an experience that presented challenges for you to overcome (such as entering college, starting a new job, starting a family, experiencing a loss, etc.):
Briefly describe the challenging experience.
What problem-focused coping strategies did you use to succeed?
What emotion-focused coping strategies did you use to succeed?
What meaning-focused coping strategies did you use to succeed?
What forms of social support were most important for you? What relationships created stressors as well as support?
How did you grow through the experience? What personal strengths, skills, and important relationships did you develop?


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