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(Based on Material from Chapters 3-10)


SCENARIO: A friend of yours, T.J. Everett, has what he thinks is an incredible idea for a book, a movie, a TV series or a video game (and maybe all four: T.J. is very ambitious). When T.J. was young, he lived across the street from an elderly Russian woman who told him strange stories of her days living in the former Soviet Union. The woman claimed that, many years ago, she had been recruited by the NKVD (later, the KGB) to work as a scientist in a secret facility in Siberia, where she worked on top-secret projects, including experimental tests, the development of nuclear weapons, and even highly classified projects involving UFOs and aliens. Intrigued, T.J. would like to develop these stories into a book, film, TV series, or perhaps even a video game. He has come to you for advice. T.J. is a college student who has never published before and has no academic or professional credentials yet.

T.J. believes that the best way to land a deal is to write up some sort of script or outline of the story and mail it directly to Warner, Sony, EA Games, and The History Channel. Explain, in detail, what advice you would give him and why.


T.J. asks what sort of professional documents and materials he should prepare for a pitch meeting with film executives. Explain, in detail, and why.



T.J. is interested in soliciting his idea for a video game but is unsure what is the difference between a game publisher and game developer. Explain, in detail.


T.J. would like to know what kind of documents and materials he should bring for a pitch meeting with a game publisher. Explain, in detail, and why.


T.J. is also considering a book deal and would like your opinion on how to write a book proposal. Explain, in detail, what elements are included in a typical proposal.

(Based on Material from Chapters 11-13)

Scenario: You are working as a summer intern at the entertainment law firm of Dewey Cheetum & Howe. Your firm represents an exciting new musical talent, Waverly Keane, who goes by the stage name of Medusa Myth. Waverly is currently in negotiations with Warner Music for a record deal as a singer-songwriter and with Warner/Chappell for a publishing deal. Her manager has advised her on a number of issues, but she would like to know more.

Waverly’s manager insists that she immediately join a performing rights organization. She asks you to explain what this is and why she should join.


Waverly is unsure how publisher and writer royalties are divided and why her manager is demanding a co-publishing deal for her. Explain this for her.



Waverly knows that there are a number of potential ways to license her music but would like you to explain them to her, including the technical terms.



Waverly’s manager has told her that a Distributor One Sheet will have to be prepared. She is too shy to ask him what this is (she would rather pretend that she knows), so she asks you instead. Explain what the One Sheet is and what information it contains.


Waverly says that her manager is putting together an Electronic Press Kit for her but she is not sure what should go into it. Tell her the important components of the EPK.






This assignment has two parts with a total of 10 questions, each worth one (1) point, for a total of 10% of your grade. Please be sure to complete all ten questions in both parts of the assignment.

Please read the introductory material for each scenario carefully, using it to help you structure your analysis and response.

You may type your answers directly on this document or on a separate Word document, if you prefer. Please include the original questions along with your answers below them.

Review applicable material covered in the text and the slides to help with your analysis and synthesis of the issues presented. You will need to apply the material learned in an organized, detailed manner. Be sure to answer all questions in full, using correct terminology.

Along with your answers, provide proper citations for any source(s) you used to locate the material, including the textbook, using appropriate APA format.

Partial credit will be given in cases where part, but not all of the answer is given; and/or where part, but not all, of the answer is correct; and/or where an incomplete discussion of issues and answers is given.



This project is worth a total of 10%. Grading will be based on the following criteria:

Organization, Coherence and Purpose
Research/APA Format
Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation






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